Knee Arthroscopy

This is mainly a day case operation performed to deal with small tears and problems with the cartilage inside the knee.

This is a picture of the routine portals (stab incisions) we use in knee arthroscopy
It requires two (sometimes three) small stab incisions through which the surgeon passes a small telescopic camera into the joint to assess the damage and equally small instruments to repair or deal with the problem.

These problems include:

  • Small defects in the articular cartilage.
  • Tears to the menisci (‘shock absorbers’).
  • Cruciate ligament injuries.
  • Inflammation of the synovium (joint lining).

Patients go home the same day with a thick bandage on and an appointment for physiotherapy.  There are rarely any stitches to come out and they are reviewed by the surgeon in clinic up to 6 weeks afterwards.